Algorithms for Binary Coded Balanced and Ordinary Ternary Operations

  title={Algorithms for Binary Coded Balanced and Ordinary Ternary Operations},
  author={Gideon Frieder and Clement Luk},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Computers},
  • G. FriederC. Luk
  • Published 1 February 1975
  • Computer Science
  • IEEE Transactions on Computers
A representation for binary coded ternary (BCT) numbers is proposed. This representation is then used for the introduction of algorithms for ternary addition and subtraction on binary hardware. In the algorithm introduced, distinction is made between basic algorithms, i.e., those which are independent of the type of the arithmetic, and those which are dependent upon it. Some suggestions as to the significance of this approach for nonternary arithmetic are presented. 

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Multiplicative Algorithms for Ternary Arithmetic Using Binary Logic

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This correspondence describes three algorithms of multiplicative type for ternary (base three) arithmetic using binary logic usingbinary logic for normalization of an operand to a specific constant.

Fast Parallel Algorithm for Ternary Multiplication Using Multivalued I²L Technology

This algorithm uses the technique of column compression and computes the product in (2 upper bound /spl lsqb/log/sub 2/n/spl rsqb/+2) units of addition time of a single-bit ternary full adder.

Complex Number Arithmetic with Odd- Valued Logic

An array ternary complex multiplier is presented and compared to other complex multipliers and a perfectly balanced ternARY system is implemented by means of current-mode threshold logic gates.

Optical binary coded ternary arithmetic and logic.

Using the two-port Sagnac interferometric switches, optical implementations of various BCT arithmetic and logic operations are described, and BCT full addition algorithms are given.

Binary Code Multi-Level Optical Computing Using Pulsed Sagnac Interferametric Switches

Using the two-port Sagnac Interferametric switches (TPSIS), a number of implementation examples of various BCT arithmetic and logic operations are presented.


It is clear that Zot-CM is a valuable addition to Big-Integer multiplication algorithm, and it is also believed that ZOT-Binary representation can benefit many other Big- Integer calculations.

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The logic of reading from right to left allows to divide the processor which will solve heating problem or the possibility to add the highest potential, and can manufacture a computer that can think, select the right data or combination of data and 3D.



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The arrangement of this invention provides a strong vibration free hold-down mechanism while avoiding a large pressure drop to the flow of coolant fluid.

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