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Algorithms and representations for supporting online music creation with large-scale audio databases

  title={Algorithms and representations for supporting online music creation with large-scale audio databases},
  author={Gerard Roma Trepat},
La rapida adopcion de Internet y de las tecnologias web ha creado una oportunidad para hacer musica colaborativa mediante el intercambio de informacion en linea. Sin embargo, las aplicaciones actuales para hacer musica en linea no aprovechan el potencial de la informacion compartida. El objetivo de esta tesis es proporcionar y evaluar algoritmos y representaciones para interactuar con grandes bases de datos de audio que faciliten la creacion de musica por parte de comunidades virtuales. Este… 
Search Result Clustering in Collaborative Sound Collections
This work proposes a graph-based approach using audio features for clustering diverse sound collections obtained when querying large online databases, and shows that using a confidence measure for discarding inconsistent clusters improves the quality of the partitions.
Sound Sharing and Retrieval
This chapter describes how to build an audio database by outlining different aspects to be taken into account and discusses metadata-based descriptions of audio content and different searching and browsing techniques that can be used to navigate the database.
The Freesound Loop Dataset and Annotation Tool
The Freesound Loop Dataset (FSLD), a new large-scale dataset of music loops annotated by experts, is presented and it is anticipated that the community will find yet more uses for the data, in applications from automatic loop characterisation to algorithmic composition.
Tempo Estimation for Music Loops and a Simple Confidence Measure
Comunicacio presentada a la 17th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference (ISMIR 2016), celebrada els dies 7 a 11 d'agost de 2016 a Nova York, EUA.


Audio content processing for automatic music genre classification : descriptors, databases, and classifiers
Esta tesis estudia la clasificacion automatica de generos musicales, basada en el analisis del contenido de la senal de audio, planteando sus problemas y proponiendo soluciones. Se propone un estudio
Automatic Classification of musical mood by content-based analysis
La musica en formato digital forma parte de nuestras vidas. Automatizar la organizacion de estos datos es un gran desafio. En esta tesis, nos centramos en la clasificacion automatica de musica a
The virtual score: representation, retrieval, restoration
The virtual score: representation, retrieval, restoration, ed. by Walter B. Hewlett and Eleanor Selfridge-Field. Cambridge: The MIT Press - Stanford (CA): CCARH, 2001. 291 p. (Computing in
Musical genre classification of audio signals
The automatic classification of audio signals into an hierarchy of musical genres is explored and three feature sets for representing timbral texture, rhythmic content and pitch content are proposed.
Virtual Music: Computer Synthesis of Musical Style
Virtual Music is about artificial creativity. Focusing on the author's Experiments in Musical Intelligence computer music composing program, the author and a distinguished group of experts discuss
Content-Based Music Information Retrieval: Current Directions and Future Challenges
The problems of content-based music information retrieval are outlined and the state-of-the-art methods using audio cues and other cues are explored, and some of the major challenges for the coming years are identified.
Tonal description of music audio signals
This doctoral dissertation proposes and evaluates a computational approach for the automatic description of tonal aspects of music from the analysis of polyphonic audio signals that contributes to bridge the gap between audio and symbolic-oriented methods without the need of a perfect transcription.
A Framework for the Evaluation of Music Representation Systems
The JSTOR Archive is a trusted digital repository providing for long-term preservation and access to leading academic journals and scholarly literature from around the world.
Drum Loops Retrieval from Spoken Queries
This article presents a complete system allowing the management of a drum patterns (or drumloops) database and formulated queries in this database are formulated with spoken onomatopoeias—short meaningless words imitating the different sounds of the drumkit.
The Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music
This book brings together some novel threads through this scene, from the viewpoint of researchers at the forefront of the sonic explorations empowered by electronic technology, and uncover some hitherto less publicised corners of worldwide movements.