Algorithms and an extended STEP-NC-compliant data model for wire electro discharge machining based on 3D representations

  title={Algorithms and an extended STEP-NC-compliant data model for wire electro discharge machining based on 3D representations},
  author={Alexei Sokolov and J. Richard and V. K. Nguyen and Ian Anthony Stroud and W. Maeder and Paul C. Xirouchakis},
  journal={International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing},
  pages={603 - 613}
The current paper describes the implementation of the wire electro discharge machining (EDM) algorithms for the STEP-NC project and some possible extensions. Wire EDM uses many working parameters (parameters for spark generation, speed of penetration, etc.) the setting of which needs expert system methods. These expert systems are a coded form of the company knowledge and are based on their experience. The higher information level provided by STEP-NC allows the development of new algorithms to… 

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Standardisation of the Manufacturing Process : the IMS STEP-NC project

An overview of a proposed new international standard for numerically controlled machine tools, ISO 14649, also known as STEP-NC, a STEP-compliant data interface for Numerical Control that aims to overcome the problems of ISO 6983 and take advantage of advances in computing and controllers.

Interface intelligente entre FAO et Machine Outil' MSM (Marche´Syste`mes Managment)

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