Algorithms and Bounds for Distributed TDOA-Based Positioning Using OFDM Signals

  title={Algorithms and Bounds for Distributed TDOA-Based Positioning Using OFDM Signals},
  author={Richard K. Martin and Chunpeng Yan and H. Howard Fan and Christopher Rondeau},
  journal={IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing},
One main drawback of using time difference of arrival (TDOA) methods for source localization and navigation is that they require centralization of multiple copies of a signal. This paper considers blindly estimating the location of a cyclic prefix (CP) in an orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (OFDM) signal, enabling distributed TDOA computation up to an integer ambiguity. This ambiguity can be resolved using integer least-squares methods, if enough TDOAs are available, requiring only… CONTINUE READING


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