Algorithmics for Hard Problems

  title={Algorithmics for Hard Problems},
  author={Juraj Hromkovic},
  booktitle={Texts in Theoretical Computer Science An EATCS Series},
  • J. Hromkovic
  • Published in
    Texts in Theoretical Computer…
    1 October 2002
  • Computer Science
Event summarization on social media stream: retrospective and prospective tweet summarization. (Synthèse d'évènement dans les médias sociaux : résumé rétrospectif et prospectif de microblogs)
Le contenu genere dans les medias sociaux comme Twitter permet aux utilisateurs d'avoir un apercu retrospectif d'evenement and de suivre les nouveaux developpements des qu'ils se produisent deja envoyes au lieu d'utiliser the comparaison tweet a tweet.
METADOCK: A parallel metaheuristic schema for virtual screening methods
This paper introduces METADOCK, a novel molecular docking methodology based on parameterized and parallel metaheuristics and designed to leverage heterogeneous computers based on heterogeneous architectures to find a good workload balance via dynamic assignment of jobs to heterogeneous resources.
Computer-aided design of bus route maps
A new computational method to reduce six types of undesirable elements in bus route maps of Chiba City, Japan and the result supports the effectiveness of the method as well as reveals open topics for future research.
Text Summarization Model Based on Maximum Coverage Problem and its Variant
The augmented model is superior to the best-performing method of DUC'04 on ROUGE-1 without stopwords and augmenting the summarization model so that it takes into account the relevance to the document cluster.
A Survey on the Applications of Swarm Intelligence to Software Verification
This chapter presents how Swarm Intelligence can be applied to formal verification, and surveys the state-of-the-art techniques.
Metaheuristics Based Optimization Technique for Protein-Ligand Docking
  • S. Balaji
  • Computer Science, Biology
    International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering
  • 2019
A novel approach is presented which is based on parameterized and parallel metaheuristics which is useful in leveraging heterogeneous computing based on heterogeneous architectures and opens a new path for further developments in virtual screening methods in heterogeneous platform.
Quantification and Selection of Ictogenic Zones in Epilepsy Surgery
Computational models have the potential to aid epilepsy surgery by suggesting alternative resection sites as well as facilitating the avoidance of brain regions that should not be resected.
Reoptimization of minimum latency problem revisited: don’t panic when asked to revisit the route after local modifications
If an approximation solution instead of an optimal one is given for the initial instance, the reoptimization of MLP with the vertex deletion operation admits no α-approximation algorithm unless MLP itself admits such an algorithm.
Control system development for an R-LEMA testing CubeSat experiment
This paper presents the general concepts related the control system design for a formation- ight cubesat experiment to analyze the mineral composition of asteroids and study the dynamic disturbance of a laser shot at the surface of such target.