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Algorithmic definition of lambda-typed lambda calculus

  title={Algorithmic definition of lambda-typed lambda calculus},
  author={N. D. Bruijn},
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-Types on the -Calculus with Abbreviations: a Certified Specification
The presentation focuses on motivating the calculus and the corpus of definitions on which its specification in COQ is based. Expand
The fine-structure of lambda calculus
This paper starts by setting the ground for a lambda calculus notation that strongly mirrors the two fundamental operations of term construction, namely abstraction and application, and provides a type operator which gives a representative type for a typeable tenll. Expand
Refining Reduction in the Lambda Calculus
We introduce a ?-calculus notation which enables us to detect in a term, more s-redexes than in the usual notation. On this basis, we define an extended s-reduction which is yet a subrelation ofExpand
The Formal System lambda-delta
  • F. Guidi
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • 2006
The formal system lambda-delta is a typed lambda calculus that pursues the unification of terms, types, environments and contexts as the main goal and enjoys some important desirable properties. Expand
! -Types on the ! -Calculus with Abbreviations
It is stressed that λδ differs from the Automath-related λ-calculi in that they do not provide for an abbreviation construction at the level of terms, and it satisfies the correctness of types and the uniqueness of types up to reduction. Expand
A Useful lambda-Notation
In this article, we introduce a ?-notation that is useful for many concepts of the ?-calculus. The new notation is a simple translation of the classical one. Yet, it provides many nice advantages.Expand
On Stepwise Explicit Substitution
This paper single out those parts of a term, called items in the paper, that are added during abstraction and application, which proves to be a powerful device for the representation of basic substitution steps, giving rise to different versions of β-reduction including local and global β- reduction. Expand
A ug 2 00 7 λ-Types on the λ-Calculus with Abbreviations
In this paper the author presents λδ, a λ-typed λ-calculus with a single λ binder and abbreviations. This calculus pursues the reuse of the term constructions both at the level of types and at theExpand
The formal system λΔ
  • F. Guidi
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
  • TOCL
  • 2009
The formal system λΔ is a typed λ-calculus that pursues the unification of terms, types, environments, and contexts as the main goal and enjoys some important desirable properties. Expand
Higher-Order Substitutions
A new calculus of explicit substitutions for higher-order abstract syntax is introduced, allowing a high-level description of variable binding in object languages while also providing substitutions as explicit programmer-manipulable data objects. Expand