Algorithmic decision-making in AVs: Understanding ethical and technical concerns for smart cities

  title={Algorithmic decision-making in AVs: Understanding ethical and technical concerns for smart cities},
  author={H. Lim and Araz Taeihagh},
  • H. Lim, Araz Taeihagh
  • Published 2019
  • Economics, Computer Science, Geology, Engineering
  • ArXiv
  • Autonomous Vehicles (AVs) are increasingly embraced around the world to advance smart mobility and more broadly, smart, and sustainable cities. Algorithms form the basis of decision-making in AVs, allowing them to perform driving tasks autonomously, efficiently, and more safely than human drivers and offering various economic, social, and environmental benefits. However, algorithmic decision-making in AVs can also introduce new issues that create new safety risks and perpetuate discrimination… CONTINUE READING


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