Algorithmic Approach to Security Architecture for Integrated IoT Smart Services Environment


Internet of Things (IoT) is a new paradigm shift in the digital era which governs variety applications and services of the smart environment. IoT enables the user with the several smart applications by connecting millions of devices and sensors. The IoT infrastructure is larger than the conventional network and thus the security challenges are more while connecting the heterogeneous devices to infer information for smart services anywhere anytime from the integrated smart environment. As the services and applications are realized in Integrated IoT smart services environment, the raising security issues of different nature must be addressed properly. It is observed from the literature IoT needs a new paradigm of integrated security in a holistic perspective as IoT differs from the conventional network. This paper deals with Security architecture for IoT smart services environment. The proposed security architecture is supported with a set of algorithms for different levels of security. The performance of the simulated environment of the proposed architecture is tested and the results are furnished in this paper.

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