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Algorithm for structure constants

  title={Algorithm for structure constants},
  author={Filipe M. Paiva and A. F. F. Teixeira},
  journal={arXiv: Computational Physics},
In a $n$-dimensional Lie algebra, random numerical values are assigned by computer to $n(n-1)$ especially selected structure constants. An algorithm is then created, which calculates without ambiguity the remaining constants, obeying the Jacobi conditions. Differently from others, this algorithm is suitable even for poor personal computer. ------------- En $n$-dimensia algebro de Lie, hazardaj numeraj valoroj estas asignitaj per komputilo al $n(n-1)$ speciale elektitaj konstantoj de strukturo… 
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A note on random samples of Lie algebras

Recently, Paiva and Teixeira (arXiv:1108.4396) showed that the structure constants of a Lie algebra are the solution of a system of linear equations provided a certain subset of the structure


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