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Algorithm for Optimized mRNA Design Improves Stability and Immunogenicity

  title={Algorithm for Optimized mRNA Design Improves Stability and Immunogenicity},
  author={He Zhang and Liang Zhang and Ang Lin and Congcong Xu and Ziyu Li and Kaibo Liu and Boxiang Liu and Xiao-Tu Ma and Fanfan Zhao and Weiguo Yao and Hangwen Li and David H. Mathews and Yujian Zhang and Liang Huang},
Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines are being used for COVID-19, but still suffer from the critical issue of mRNA instability and degradation, which is a major obstacle in the storage, distribution, and efficacy of the vaccine. Previous work showed that optimizing secondary structure stability lengthens mRNA half-life, which, together with optimal codons, increases protein expression. Therefore, a principled mRNA design algorithm must optimize both structural stability and codon usage to improve mRNA… 

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