Algorithm 545: An Optimized Mass Storage FFT [C6]

  • D. Fraser
  • Published 1979 in ACM Trans. Math. Softw.


The program is an implementation of the optimal sorting algorithm of the author [8] which allows a base-2 version of the Cooley-Tukey FFT algorithm [2-4] efficient access to a mass store array. Optimal sorting for the mass storage FFT has been determined independently by DeLotto and Dotti [5, 6], but in the author's version the emphasis is on "in-place" array modification. This results in slightly higher mass store I /O than the minimum, but requires no additional mass store working space. The method is a logical extension of the work of Singleton [9] and Brenner [1]. The program computes in place the discrete Fourier transform of a onedimensional or a multidimensional array. In the one-dimensional case the transform is defined by

DOI: 10.1145/355853.355867

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