Alginate promotes production of various enzymes by Catharanthus roseus cells

  title={Alginate promotes production of various enzymes by Catharanthus roseus cells},
  author={Hideki Aoyagi and Jin Yasuhira and Hideo Tanaka},
  journal={Plant Cell Reports},
When 1.0 g/l of alginate was added to a Catharanthus roseus L. cell culture, many proteins were released from the cells as detected by SDS polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis. In particular, production and/or release of 5′-phosphodiesterase (5′-PDase), catalase and chitinase by C. roseus L. cells were promoted by the addition of alginate. The promotive effects of alginate on 5′-PDase production were observed for various C. roseus cell lines and similar results were obtained when different… CONTINUE READING

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