Alginate polycation microcapsules. I. Interaction between alginate and polycation.

  title={Alginate polycation microcapsules. I. Interaction between alginate and polycation.},
  author={Beate Thu and Per Bruheim and Terje Espevik and Olav Smidsr\od and P Soon-Shiong and Gudmund Skj{\aa}k-Braek},
  volume={17 10},
The interactions between alginate and polycations have been studied by using different labelling techniques. Binding of poly-L-lysine (PLL) to alginate in the gel state is mainly governed by the amount of dissociable negative charges on the bead surface. PLL was found to bind more rapidly to gel beads made from alginate with a high content of mannuronic acid. The binding was enhanced by increasing the alginate concentration on the surface by making inhomogeneous beads. When the capsules were… CONTINUE READING
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