Alginate/Chitosan Nanoparticles are Effective for Oral Insulin Delivery

  title={Alginate/Chitosan Nanoparticles are Effective for Oral Insulin Delivery},
  author={Bruno Sarmento and Ant{\^o}nio Ribeiro and F. Alte da Veiga and Paulo Sampaio and Ronald Neufeld and Domingos Ferreira},
  journal={Pharmaceutical Research},
To evaluate the pharmacological activity of insulin-loaded alginate/chitosan nanoparticles following oral dosage in diabetic rats. Nanoparticles were prepared by ionotropic pre-gelation of an alginate core followed by chitosan polyelectrolyte complexation. In vivo activity was evaluated by measuring the decrease in blood glucose concentrations in streptozotocin induced, diabetic rats after oral administration and flourescein (FITC)-labelled insulin tracked by confocal microscopy. Nanoparticles… CONTINUE READING