Alghorithme Advanced Hybrid Routing Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks


Sensor networks offer several services; especially in the area of monitoring, such as environmental and medical observation. Routing protocols open an avenue of research, especially in the delivery of the information between network nodes. Increase the life of a sensor network is a major challenge in the research subject, particularly with devices characterized by batteries as energy sources and storage devices and calculates limited, making the process complicated routing, since we must take account of these constraints in the development of a new protocol. Our work item on the reduction of energy and it is minimizing traffic, HRP and a new protocol that handles all this is affecting both the Mac layer and the network layer. The results obtained in the simulation protocol and effective in this level (energy) compared to other protocols of the same type. In this article we treated the mechanisms that ensure quality of service, at the energy consumption, are more we will try to explain how our protocol at the network layer.

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