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Algebras over Ω(coFrob)

  title={Algebras over $\Omega$(coFrob)},
  author={Gabriel C. Dummond-Cole and John Terilla and Thomas Tradler},
  journal={Journal of Homotopy and Related Structures},
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Properadic Homotopical Calculus
In this paper, we initiate the generalization of the operadic calculus that governs the properties of homotopy algebras to a properadic calculus that governs the properties of homotopy gebras over
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Functorial properties of the correspondence between commutative $${{\mathrm{BV}}}_\infty $$BV∞-algebras and $$L_\infty $$L∞-algebras are investigated. The category of $$L_\infty $$L∞-algebras with
This survey provides an elementary introduction to operads and to their applications in homotopical algebra. The aim is to explain how the notion of an operad was prompted by the necessity to have an
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We generalize the AKSZ construction of topological field theo- ries to allow the target manifolds to have possibly-degenerate up-to-homotopy Poisson structures. Classical AKSZ theories, which exist


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