Algebraische Theorie der Körper.

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  • E. Steinitz
  • Mathematics
  • Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelles Journal)
The use of infinity in pure number theory and algebra
  • Y. Gauthier
  • Mathematics
    International Journal of Algebra
  • 2019
What is meant here by pure number theory is elementary number theory from Fermat to Kronecker, what I call Fermat-Kronecker arithmetic, that is the method of infinite descent combined with the theory
In memoriam Ernst Steinitz (1871–1928)
Residue class rings of real-analytic and entire functions
Let A(R) and E(R) denote respectively the ring of analytic and real entire functions in one variable. It is shown that if m is a maximal ideal of A(R), then A(R)/m is isomorphic either to the reals
On the Teaching of Linear Algebra
Foreword to the English Edition. Preface. Introduction. Part I: Epistemological Analysis of the Genesis of the Theory of Vector Spaces. 1. Introduction. 2. Analytical and Geometrical Origins. 3.
Field Theory: From Equations to Axiomatization
7. THE ABSTRACT DEFINITION OF A FIELD. The developments we have been describing thus far lasted close to a century. They gave rise to important "concrete" theories-Galois theory, algebraic number
A general outline of the genesis of vector space theory
The following article presents a general outline of the genesis of the elementary concepts of vector space theory. It presents the main works that contributed to the development of these basic
Steinitz Field Towers for Modular Fields
Algebraic completion without the axiom of choice
A finite axiomatization of positive MV-algebras
. Positive MV-algebras are the subreducts of MV-algebras with re- spect to the signature {⊕ , ⊙ , ∨ , ∧ , 0 , 1 } . We provide a finite quasi-equational axiomatization for the class of such algebras.