Algebraic theory of endohedrally confined diatomic molecules: Application to H2@C60

  title={Algebraic theory of endohedrally confined diatomic molecules: Application to H2@C60},
  author={Lorenzo Fortunato and Francisco P{\'e}rez-Bernal},
  journal={Physical Review A},
A simple and yet powerful approach for modeling the structure of endohedrally confined diatomic molecules is introduced. The theory, based on a $\mathrm{u}(4)\ensuremath{\bigoplus}\mathrm{u}(3)$ dynamical algebra, combines $\mathrm{u}(4)$, the vibron model dynamical algebra, with a $\mathrm{u}(3)$ dynamical algebra that models a spherically symmetric three-dimensional potential. The first algebra encompasses the internal rotovibration degrees of freedom of the molecule, while the second takes… 

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