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Algebraic structures in $\kappa$-Poincar\'e invariant gauge theories

  title={Algebraic structures in \$\kappa\$-Poincar\'e invariant gauge theories},
  author={Kilian Hersent and Philippe Mathieu and Jean-Christophe Wallet},
κ-Poincaré invariant gauge theories on κ-Minkowski space-time, which are noncommutative analogs of the usual U(1) gauge theory, exist only in five dimensions. These are built from noncommutative twisted connections on a hermitian right module over the algebra coding the κ-Minkowski space-time. We show that twisting the action of this algebra on the hermitian module, assumed to be a copy of it, affects neither the value of the above dimension nor the noncommutative gauge group defined as the… 


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