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Algebraic independence of topological Pontryagin classes

  title={Algebraic independence of topological Pontryagin classes},
  author={S{\o}ren Galatius and Oscar Randal-Williams},
. We show that the topological Pontryagin classes are algebraically independent in the rationalised cohomology of B Top( d ) for all d ≥ 4. 



Cohomological methods in transformation groups

Preface 1. Equivalent cohomology of G-CW-complexes and the Borel construction 2. Summary of some aspects of rational homotopy theory 3. Localisation 4. General results on torus and p-torus actions 5.

Some finiteness results for groups of automorphisms of manifolds

We prove that in dimensions not equal to 4, 5, or 7, the homology and homotopy groups of the classifying space of the topological group of diffeomorphisms of a disk fixing the boundary are finitely

The computation of even dimension surgery groups of odd torsion groups

(1978). The computation of even dimension surgery groups of odd torsion groups. Communications in Algebra: Vol. 6, No. 14, pp. 1393-1458.

On diffeomorphisms of even-dimensional discs

We determine $\pi_*(BDiff_\partial(D^{2n})) \otimes \mathbb{Q}$ for $2n \geq 6$ completely in degrees $* \leq 4n-10$, far beyond the pseudoisotopy stable range. Furthermore, above these degrees we

Diffeomorphisms of discs and the second Weiss derivative of BTop(-)

We compute the rational homotopy groups in degrees up to approximately $\tfrac{3}{2}$d of the group of diffeomorphisms of a closed d-dimensional disc fixing the boundary. Based on this we determine

Topology of 4-manifolds

One of the great achievements of contemporary mathematics is the new understanding of four dimensions. Michael Freedman and Frank Quinn have been the principals in the geometric and topological

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