Algebraic geometry

  title={Algebraic geometry},
  author={Robin Hartshorne},
  booktitle={Graduate texts in mathematics},
  • R. Hartshorne
  • Published in Graduate texts in mathematics 1977
  • Mathematics, Computer Science
The name Algebraic Geometry comes from the fact that in this part of Mathematics one tries to study geometric objects (mainly) through algebraic techniques. This combination of algebra and geometry is extremely fruitful, and as a result the field of Algebraic Geometry has become big and very diverse. There are many connections to other areas/techniques in mathematics, such as Number Theory, Differential Geometry, Topology, Category Theory, Cryptography, Mathematical Physics, and so on. All in… 
This paper is an introduction to the worlds of algebraic and tropical geometry. Both subjects give connections between the seemingly separate subjects of algebra and geometry. On the algebra side, we
Moduli Space Techniques in Algebraic Geometry and Symplectic Geometry
Moduli Space Techniques in Algebraic Geometry and Symplectic Geometry Kevin Ka Hang Luk Master of Science Graduate Department of Mathematics University of Toronto 2012 The following is my M.Sc.
Surveys in Contemporary Mathematics: Algebraic geometry over Lie algebras
What is algebraic geometry over algebraic systems? Many important relations between elements of a given algebraic system A can be expressed by systems of equations over A. The solution sets of such
Stability Concepts in Algebraic Geometry
This thesis studies stability concepts in Algebraic Geometry. The notion of stability comes from Geometric Invariant Theory, introduced by D. Mumford, in order to construct moduli spaces. More
Differential forms in algebraic geometry – A new perspective in the singular case
Differential forms are a rich source of invariants in algebraic geometry. This approach was very successful for smooth varieties, but the singular case is less wellunderstood. We explain how the use
An algebraic approach to discrete mechanics
Using basic ideas from algebraic geometry, we extend the methods of Lagrangian and symplectic mechanics to treat a large class of discrete mechanical systems, that is, systems such as cellular
A Brief Introduction to Algebraic Geometry
Algebraic geometry is fairly easy to describe from the classical viewpoint: it is the study of algebraic sets (defined in §2) and regular mappings (also defined in §2) between such sets.
The starting point of this paper is the Fixed Point Conjecture. Its formulation, what we know about it at this time, and its relation to problems in (complex) algebraic transformation groups is our
Flash Geometry of Algebraic Curves
In this paper, we develop the theory of flashes of an algebraic curve. We show that the theory is birationally invariant in a sense which we will make more precise below. We also show how the theory


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