Algebraic connectivity of graphs

  title={Algebraic connectivity of graphs},
  author={Miroslav Fiedler},
  journal={Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal},
  • M. Fiedler
  • Published 1973
  • Mathematics
  • Czechoslovak Mathematical Journal
Upper bounds on the algebraic connectivity of graphs
The algebraic connectivity of a connected graph $G$ is the second smallest eigenvalue of the Laplacian matrix of $G$. In this paper, some new upper bounds on algebraic connectivity are obtained by
Fairness constraints can help exact inference in structured prediction
This work analyzes the previously studied generative model by Globerson et al. (2015) under a notion of statistical parity and finds that the addition of the fairness constraint improves the probability of exact recovery.
Deep Temporal Organization of fMRI Phase Synchrony Modes Promotes Large-Scale Disconnection in Schizophrenia
This work identifies the repertoire of whole-brain inter-network IPS states at rest and uncovers a hierarchy in the temporal organization of IPS modes, hypothesizing that connectivity disorder in schizophrenia (SZ) is related to the (deep) temporal arrangement of large-scale IPS modes.
Development of novel methods for municipal water main infrastructure integrity management
A novel risk/reliability-based method for maintenance of water distribution system is developed in this thesis and a Fuzzy Inference System is proposed to combine network consequence with other consequence for risk assessment of complex WDN.
Spectrum Analytic Approach for Cooperative Navigation of Connected and Autonomous Vehicles
This paper presents an approach for cooperative CAVs to support the navigation of emergency vehicles in the traffic and shows that cooperative planning of the surrounding vehicles can be accomplished by an optimization problem, where the objective is to maximize the second largest eigenvalue of the resulting graph Laplacian.
Minsky vs. Machine: New Foundations for Quant-Macro Investing
It is shown that spectral clustering can provide both an elegant mathematical description of the leverage cycle and a robust foundation for quant-macro investing.
Distributed control and optimisation of complex networks via their Laplacian spectra
This thesis explores decentralised strategies by which individual agents in a network can make estimates of several functions of the graph Laplacian matrix eigenvalues, and control or optimise these functions in a desired manner, subject to constraints.
Hamiltonian graphs of given order and minimum algebraic connectivity
In this paper, we study the algebraic connectivity of a Hamiltonian graph, and determine all Hamiltonian graphs whose algebraic connectivity attain the minimum among all Hamiltonian graphs on n
Chapter 1 Spectral Community Detection
While the presence of community structure in complex networks is ubiquitous, the degree of expression varies and higher-order interaction between the nodes is very useful in tasks like graph mining and graph compression.
Türker Biyikoglu and Josef Leydold Algebraic Connectivity and Degree Sequences of Trees
We investigate the structure of trees that have minimal algebraic connectivity among all trees with a given degree sequence. We show that such trees are caterpillars and that the vertex degrees are


Bounds for eigenvalues of doubly stochastic matrices
Congruent Graphs and the Connectivity of Graphs
We give here conditions that two graphs be congruent and some theorems on the connectivity of graphs, and we conclude with some applications to dual graphs. These last theorems might also be proved
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