Algebraic Structures for Capturing the Provenance of SPARQL Queries

  title={Algebraic Structures for Capturing the Provenance of SPARQL Queries},
  author={Floris Geerts and Thomas Unger and Gregory Karvounarakis and Irini Fundulaki and Vassilis Christophides},
  journal={J. ACM},
The evaluation of SPARQL algebra queries on various kinds of annotated RDF graphs can be seen as a particular case of the evaluation of these queries on RDF graphs annotated with elements of so-called spm-semirings. Spm-semirings extend semirings, used for representing the provenance of positive relational algebra queries on annotated relational data, with a new operator to capture the semantics of the non-monotone SPARQL operators. Furthermore, spm-semiring-based annotations ensure that… CONTINUE READING
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