Algebraic Nijenhuis operators and Kronecker Poisson pencils

  title={Algebraic Nijenhuis operators and Kronecker Poisson pencils},
  author={Andriy Panasyuk},
  • Andriy Panasyuk
  • Published 2008
This paper is devoted to a method of constructing completely integrable systems based on the micro-local theory of bihamiltonian structures [GZ89, GZ91, Bol91, GZ93, GZ00, Pan00, Zak01]. The main tool are the so-called microKronecker bihamiltonian structures [Zak01], which will be called Kronecker in this paper for short (in [GZ00] the term Kronecker was used for the micro-Kronecker structures with some additional condition of ”flatness” which will not be essential in this paper). A Kronecker… CONTINUE READING