Algebraic Geometry

  title={Algebraic Geometry},
  author={Thomas Willmore},
Introduction to Algebraic Geometry.By Serge Lang. Pp. xi + 260. (Addison–Wesley: Reading, Massachusetts, 1972.) 
From Symplectic Packing to Algebraic Geometry and Back
In this paper we survey various aspects of the symplectic packing problem and its relations to algebraic geometry, going through results of Gromov, McDuff, Polterovich and the author.
Topics in Combinatorial Algebraic Geometry
This thesis consists of six papers in algebraic geometry –all of which have close connections to combinatorics. In Paper A we consider complete smooth toric embeddings X ↪ P^N such that for a fixedExpand
Invent. Math., 66(3):481–491, 1982.
son. Algebraic K-theory eventually surjects onto topological K-theory.
Projective geometry and homological algebra
We provide an introduction to many of the homological commands in Macaulay 2 (modules, free resolutions, Ext and Tor. ..) by means of examples showing how to use homological tools to study projectiveExpand
A Characterization of Affine Varieties
Here we give a cohomological condition for the affiness of an algebraic scheme. Mathematics Subject Classification: 14F17; 32E10
Introduction to numerical algebraic geometry
In a 1996 paper, Andrew Sommese and Charles Wampler began developing a new area, “Numerical Algebraic Geometry”, which would bear the same relation to “Algebraic Geometry” that “Numerical LinearExpand
Lie groups, Nahm's equations and hyperkaehler manifolds
Lectures given at the summer school on Algebraic Groups, Goettingen, June 27 - July 15 2005
Exercises in the birational geometry of algebraic varieties
This a collection of about 100 exercises. It could be used as a supplement to the book Koll\'ar--Mori: Birational geometry of algebraic varieties.
Introduction to Shimura Varieties
This is an introduction to the theory of Shimura varieties, or, in other words, to the arithmetic theory of automorphic functions and holomorphic automorphic forms.
Topics in algebraic geometry
Lecture notes of an algebraic geometry graduate course. The topics covered are as follows. Cohomology: ext sheaves and groups, cohomology with support, local cohomology, local duality. Duality:Expand