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Algebraic-Dynamical Theory for Quantum Spin-1/2: the Two-spin limit and Implications for Lattice Models

  title={Algebraic-Dynamical Theory for Quantum Spin-1/2: the Two-spin limit and Implications for Lattice Models},
  author={Wenxin Ding and C. M. Dai and Zheng Hu},
Recently, an algebraic-dynamical theory (ADT) for strongly interacting many-body quantum Hamiltonians in W. Ding, arXiv: 2202.12082 (2022). By introducing the complete operator basis set, ADT proposes a generic framework for systematically constructing dynamical theories for interacting quantum Hamiltonians, using quantum entanglement as the organizing principle. In this work, we study exact ADT solutions of interacting two-spin problems which can be used as "free theories" for perturbation… 

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