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Algebraic Constraint Programming ∗

  title={Algebraic Constraint Programming ∗},
  author={Ian P. Gent},
Combinatorial Search and Constraint Programming Combinatorial search is arguably the most fundamental aspect of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Some of the most basic research questions in search remain open, the most obvious example being the question P=NP? The research area is extremely active. At the same time, the existing technology of search in AI has become very important commercially, through the area known as Constraint Programming (CP). CP relies on efficient ‘propagation’ algorithms… 



A Filtering Algorithm for Constraints of Difference in CSPs

A new filtering algorithm is presented that achieves the generalized arc-consistency condition for these non-binary constraints and has been successfully used in the system RESYN, to solve the subgraph isomorphism problem.

Symmetry Breaking in Constraint Programming

This work describes a method for symmetry breaking during search (SBDS) in constraint programming that guarantees to return a unique solution from each set of symmetrically equivalent ones, which is the one found first by the variable and value ordering heuristics.

Symmetry Breaking in the Alien Tiles Puzzle

This is the first integration of an algebraic system like GAP and a constraint programming system like ILOG Solver, based on the Alien Tiles game, and a 40-fold run-time provement over code with no symmetry breaking is obtained.

The OPL optimization programming language

Part 1 The language: a short tour of OPL models data modelling expressions and constraints formal parameters search display. Part 2 The application areas: linear and integer programming constraint

Arc Consistency for General Constraint Networks: Preliminary Results

A high-speed heavyload needle roller bearing comprises two races 7, 8, with needle rollers 31, the individual rollers being spaced apart by a lubricant film and the total clearance between the rollers of a set lying between the limits of one to three needle roller diameters whereby an efficient circulation of lubricant is obtained.

Hentenryck.The OPL Optimization Programming Language

  • 1999

GAP – Groups, Algorithms, and Programming

  • GAP – Groups, Algorithms, and Programming
  • 1998