Algal and Cyanobacterial Biofilms on Calcareous Historic Buildings

  title={Algal and Cyanobacterial Biofilms on Calcareous Historic Buildings},
  author={Cezar A. Crispim and Peter M. Gaylarde and Christine Gaylarde},
  journal={Current Microbiology},
Major microorganisms in biofilms on external surfaces of historic buildings are algae, cyanobacteria, bacteria, and fungi. Their growth causes discoloration and degradation. We compared the phototrophs on cement-based renderings and limestone substrates at 14 historic locations (47 sites sampled) in Europe and Latin America. Most biofilms contained both cyanobacteria and algae. Single-celled and colonial cyanobacteria frequently constituted the major phototroph biomass on limestone monuments… CONTINUE READING