Algae based biofuel production from CO<inf>2</inf> obtained from fixed chimney brickfields in Bangladesh


Bangladesh, a fuel hungry nation of South Asia, is immensely polluted. Day by day both pollution and demand for fuel is increasing proportionally. Fossil Fuels; which a driving factor of our economy is extremely high priced compared to the living standard of Bangladesh. Keeping in context of the climatic change and price of oil barrel soaring each day, biofuel can be a cheap and fruitful alternative. Ongoing research has shown that algae both micro and macro have a high oil content in their cell (up to 77%) which yields far more than any other plants. Biofuel production plants are easy-to-set-up and production can be carried out in any tropical environment. Amongst the various approach of cultivating in photo-bioreactor (in which the algae is cultivated) steady and controlled flow of CO<sub>2</sub> gas is required. Brick field in Bangladesh are releasing huge amount of Green House Gas (GHG) in the environment every day. Amongst these GHG emissions there are huge amount of raw CO<sub>2</sub> gas. In this paper an indigenous model is proposed for using these CO<sub>2</sub> gas for the biofuel production. Also the amount of CO<sub>2</sub> that can be saved from polluting the environment in this approach is also estimated at the end of the paper.

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