Alfven seismic vibrations of crustal solid-state plasma in quaking paramagnetic neutron star

  title={Alfven seismic vibrations of crustal solid-state plasma in quaking paramagnetic neutron star},
  author={Sergey Bastrukov and Irina Molodtsova and J. Takata and H.-K. Chang and Ren-xin Xu},
  journal={Physics of Plasmas},
Magneto-solid-mechanical model of two-component, core-crust, paramagnetic neutron star responding to quake-induced perturbation by differentially rotational, torsional, oscillations of crustal electron-nuclear solid-state plasma about axis of magnetic field frozen in the immobile paramagnetic core is developed. Particular attention is given to the node-free torsional crust-against-core vibrations under combined action of Lorentz magnetic and Hooke's elastic forces; the damping is attributed to… Expand

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