Alexithymia and anxiety: compounded relationships? A psychometric study.

  title={Alexithymia and anxiety: compounded relationships? A psychometric study.},
  author={Sylvie Berthoz and Silla M. Consoli and Fernando Perez-Diaz and Roland Jouvent},
  journal={European psychiatry : the journal of the Association of European Psychiatrists},
  volume={14 7},
This study is a careful examination of the relationships between different components of the alexithymia construct and state versus trait anxiety. In order to study the relations between anxiety and alexithymia in a subclinical population, we administered to 125 female college students a test battery including measures of alexithymia (TAS26), state and trait anxiety (STAI) and depression (QD2A). Results indicated positive correlations between depression, anxiety (state and trait) and… CONTINUE READING

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