Alexandra kollontai: Precursor of eurofeminism

  title={Alexandra kollontai: Precursor of eurofeminism},
  author={Karen L. Field},
  journal={Dialectical Anthropology},
  • K. Field
  • Published 1 March 1982
  • Political Science
  • Dialectical Anthropology
The past two decades have seen a tremen? dous resurgence of feminist activism in virtual? ly every part of the world, and Europe has been no exception. This resurgence has in turn triggered a renewed interest in feminist theory, as women everywhere seek concepts and models appropriate to current praxis. Their search has often been impeded by a lack of continuity in feminist scholarship; the insight of one generation have been virtually lost to the next as a result of various historical circum… 
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“The Scourge of the Bourgeois Feminist”: Alexandra Kollontai’s Strategic Repudiation and Espousing of Female Essentialism in The Social Basis of the Woman Question
In The Social Basis of the Woman Question, Bolshevik feminist Alexandra Kollontai responds to bourgeois feminists’ essentialist calls for female solidarity to resolve the “woman’s question”—the