Alexander and the Mongols

  title={Alexander and the Mongols},
  author={J. A. Boyle},
  journal={Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society},
  • J. A. Boyle
  • Published 1979
  • History
  • Journal of the Royal Asiatic Society
The association of Alexander the Great with the Mongols begins with the identification of the latter with the peoples of Gog and Magog. The evolution of this legend, which has its origin in the Book of Genesis, is curious in the extreme. In Genesis Magog is mentioned as one of the sons of Japhet, his name occurring between those of Gomer and Madai. Since Madai is clearly intended as the eponym of the Medes and Gomer has been located in Cappadocia and Phrygia it has been plausibly suggested that… Expand
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