Alexander Robertus Todd, O.M., Baron Todd of Trumpington. 2 October 1907 — 10 January 1997

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Alexander Robertus Todd (Alex to his friends), was born in October 1907 in Cathcart, to the south of Glasgow. His father, Alexander Todd, of southern Scottish descent, was at first a clerk in the Glasgow Subway Railway Company and later its Secretary; subsequently he was the Managing Director of the Drapery and Furnishing Co–operative Society Ltd in Glasgow. He was ambitious to better himself and his family and although his formal teaching had ended at thirteen he held a strong regard for… Expand
Representing science in a divided world : the Royal Society and Cold War Britain
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The early history of cannabinoid research
  • G. Appendino
  • Philosophy
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Bakerian Lecture: The chemistry of the nucleotides
  • A. Todd
  • Chemistry
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London. Series A. Mathematical and Physical Sciences
  • 1954
The term nucleotide was originally confined to the phosphates of the -glycosides of certain purines and pyrimidines known as nucleosides which are obtained by hydrolytic breakdown of the nucleicExpand
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Alexander Lord Todd . An Appreciation
  • Records of Orden pour le Mérite
  • 1997
A Time to Think.
  • J. Cuddigan
  • Sociology, Medicine
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Aphid pigments
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The structure of vitamin B 12 . In Recent work on naturally occurring nitrogen heterocyclic compounds ( ed .
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