Alea Iacta Iudiciorum EST: Legal Satire and the Problem of Interpretation in Rabelais

  title={Alea Iacta Iudiciorum EST: Legal Satire and the Problem of Interpretation in Rabelais},
  author={B. Renner},
  journal={Comitatus-a Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies},
  • B. Renner
  • Published 2004
  • History
  • Comitatus-a Journal of Medieval and Renaissance Studies
Much has been written about the changes that Rabelais’s work undergoes after the twelve years of silence that separate the first editions of Gargantua and the Third Book . This paper attempts to address the issue from the angle of satire, an aspect that has been somewhat underestimated in the discussion of the Pantagrueline Chronicles . An analysis of the three major episodes of legal satire, from Pantagruel , the Third and Fourth Books respectively, will show that the aforementioned… Expand
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