Aldosterone antagonists. 2. New 7 alpha-(acetylthio)-15,16-methylene spirolactones.

  title={Aldosterone antagonists. 2. New 7 alpha-(acetylthio)-15,16-methylene spirolactones.},
  author={Klaus Nickisch and Dieter Bittler and Henry Laurent and Wolfgang Losert and Jorge Casals-stenzel and Yukishige Nishino and Ekkehardt Schillinger and Rudolf Prof. Dr. Wiechert},
  journal={Journal of medicinal chemistry},
  volume={30 8},
Some 15,16-methylene derivatives of the aldosterone antagonist spironolactone were synthesized with the purpose of increasing the antialdosterone potency and reducing the endocrinological effects of this standard compound. By introduction of a 1,2-double bond and a 15 beta,16 beta-methylene ring in the spironolactone molecule both goals were achieved. In animal studies mespirenone exhibited a threefold-greater antialdosterone potency and less than 10% of the antiandrogenic activity of… 
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