Alcubierre warp drive: On the matter of matter

  title={Alcubierre warp drive: On the matter of matter},
  author={Brendan McMonigal and Geraint F. Lewis and Philip O'Byrne},
  journal={Physical Review D},
The Alcubierre warp drive allows a spaceship to travel at an arbitrarily large global velocity by deforming the spacetime in a bubble around the spaceship. Little is known about the interactions between massive particles and the Alcubierre warp drive, or the effects of an accelerating or decelerating warp bubble. We examine geodesics representative of the paths of null and massive particles with a range of initial velocities from $\ensuremath{-}c$ to $c$ interacting with an Alcubierre warp… 

Adm Mass in Warp Drive Spacetimes

: What happens when a warp bubble has mass? This seemingly innocent question forces one to carefully formalize exactly what one means by a warp bubble, exactly what one means by having the warp

Quantum tunneling and quasinormal modes in the spacetime of the Alcubierre warp drive

In a seminal paper, Alcubierre showed that Einstein’s theory of general relativity appears to allow a super-luminal motion. In the present study, we use a recent eternal-warp-drive solution found by

On the total energy conservation of the Alcubierre spacetime

In this article, we consider the Alcubierre spacetime, such a spacetime describes a “bubble” that propagates with arbitrary global velocity. This setting allows movement at a speed greater than that

Obstacles from interstellar matter and distortion for warp drive travel

Abstract. We investigate obstacles of superluminal “warp drive” travels from interactions with interstellar matter and from curvature effects. The effect of collision of interstellar dust particles

Conformal Gravity and the Alcubierre Warp Drive Metric

If conformal gravity is a correct extension of general relativity, superluminal motion via an Alcubierre metric might be a realistic solution, thus allowing faster-than-light interstellar travel.

Traversable Achronal Retrograde Domains In Spacetime

There are many spacetime geometries in general relativity which contain closed timelike curves. A layperson might say that retrograde time travel is possible in such spacetimes. To date no one has

Hypermotion due to space-time deformation

A superluminal motion (hypermotion) via M. Alcubierre’s warp drive is considered. Parameters of the warp drive have been estimated. The equations of starship geodesics have been solved. The starship

Tractor Beams, Pressor Beams and Stressor Beams in General Relativity

The metrics of general relativity generally fall into two categories: those which are solutions of the Einstein equations for a given source energy-momentum tensor and the “reverse engineered”

Generic warp drives violate the null energy condition

Three recent articles have claimed that it is possible to, at least in theory, either set up positive energy warp drives satisfying the weak energy condition (WEC), or at the very least, to minimize



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