Alcoholic Steatosis in Different Strains of Rat: A Comparative Study

  title={Alcoholic Steatosis in Different Strains of Rat: A Comparative Study},
  author={Kamlesh K. Bhopale and Shakuntala Kondraganti and H. K. D. H. Fernando and Paul J. Boor and Bhupendra S. Kaphalia and Ghulam A Shakeel Ansari},
  booktitle={Journal of drug and alcohol research},
BACKGROUND Different strains of rats have been used to study alcoholic liver disease (ALD) while the reason for selecting a particular rat strain was not apparent. PURPOSE The aim of our study was to compare outbred (Wistar) and inbred (Fischer) strains to evaluate pathological, biochemical changes, and gene expression differences associated with ethanol-induced early hepatic steatosis. STUDY DESIGN Male Wistar and Fischer-344 rats were pair-fed for 6 weeks with or without 5% ethanol in… CONTINUE READING
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