Alcohol-triggered signs of migraine: An animal model.

  title={Alcohol-triggered signs of migraine: An animal model.},
  author={Yaqoub Alabwah and Yadong Ji and David A. Seminowicz and Raimi Quiton and Radi M. Masri},
  journal={Somatosensory & motor research},
  volume={33 1},
We describe an animal model where characteristics of migraine can be triggered by alcohol administration. In rats chronically implanted with a cannula overlying the transverse sinus, we applied potassium chloride (KCl) (or saline) to the meninges to sensitize trigeminovascular afferents. We assessed effects of repeated KCl application on animal behavior using conditioned place avoidance paradigm. In KCl-treated rats we discovered that alcohol injections (0.2 mg/kg), but not saline, resulted in… CONTINUE READING
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