Alcohol marketing: grooming the next generation

  title={Alcohol marketing: grooming the next generation},
  author={Gerard Hastings and Nick Sheron},
  journal={BMJ : British Medical Journal},
Children are more exposed than adults and need much stronger protection 

Effect of policy, economics, and the changing alcohol marketplace on alcohol related deaths in England and Wales

The economic downturn and rises in alcohol taxation seem to have stemmed the persistent rise in alcohol related deaths in England and Wales, but Nick Sheron and Ian Gilmore caution that changes to

Measuring youth exposure to alcohol marketing on social networking sites: Challenges and prospects

Looking at brand and user activity on Facebook for the 15 alcohol brands most popular among US youth, it is found activity has grown dramatically in the past 3 years, and underage users may be accounting for some of this activity.

Alcohol: taking a population perspective

Viewing policies that target price, availability and marketing of alcohol come out best, whereas those using education and information are much less effective is important, as these policies can be portrayed as anti-libertarian.

Young adults, alcohol and Facebook: a synergistic relationship

This study addresses a key gap in the literature that is needed to inform social marketing interventions to reduce excessive alcohol consumption: when, why and how do young people post about alcohol.

Alcohol marketing and drunkenness among students in the Philippines: findings from the nationally representative Global School-based Student Health Survey

There are significant associations between alcohol marketing exposure and increased alcohol use and drunkenness among youth in the Philippines and the need to put policies into effect that restrict alcohol marketing practices as an important prevention strategy for reducing alcohol Use and its dire consequences among vulnerable youth is highlighted.

Differential segmentation responses to an alcohol social marketing program.

Marketing to Youth in the Digital Age: The Promotion of Unhealthy Products and Health Promoting Behaviours on Social Media

The near-ubiquitous use of social media among adolescents and young adults creates opportunities for both corporate brands and health promotion agencies to target and engage with young audiences in

The Sydney siege: courage, compassion and connectedness

Premature deflagration can also cause injury to the operator.5 As these devices continue to be used in civilian situations, it is important to remain aware of any potential hazards, to both the

Self‐Reported Youth and Adult Exposure to Alcohol Marketing in Traditional and Digital Media: Results of a Pilot Survey

The findings emphasize the need to assure compliance with voluntary industry standards on the placement of alcohol advertising and the importance of developing better tools for monitoring youth exposure to alcohol marketing, particularly on the Internet.



Failure of self regulation of UK alcohol advertising

Although the content of alcohol advertisements is restricted, Gerard Hastings and colleagues find that advertisers are still managing to appeal to young people and promote drinking

Assessment of young people’s exposure to alcohol marketing in audiovisual and online media.

An assessment of young people’s exposure to alcohol marketing through television and online media in Europe and the use of age gates to restrict content to those over the legal drinking age is carried out.

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