Alcohol dehydrogenases and aldehyde dehydrogenases.

  title={Alcohol dehydrogenases and aldehyde dehydrogenases.},
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T h e structure, function and evolution of alcohol dehydrogenases and aldehyde dehydrogenases have been studied for several years. Recent progress o n these aspects has been considerable and allows extensive conclusions to be drawn about the relationships and properties of these enzymes. Further aspects have also become available for study, such as the regulation of enzyme expression and the analysis of additional forms at the crystallographic level. T h e major results are summarized in Table… Expand
Comparison of the primary structures of NAD(P)-dependent bacterial alcohol dehydrogenases.
Human liver alcohol dehydrogenases catalyze the oxidation of the intermediary alcohols of the shunt pathway of mevalonate metabolism.
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Physiological Functions and Metabolism of Endogenous Ethanol and Acetaldehyde in the Reindeer
Alcohol-metabolizing enzyme gene polymorphisms and alcohol chronic pancreatitis among Polish individuals.
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Detailed molecular correlations and overall evolutionary estimates therefore agree in suggesting that alcohol dehydrogenases are distinct enzymes with probably different and multiple functional roles
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