Alcohol and injury. A case-crossover study.

  title={Alcohol and injury. A case-crossover study.},
  author={Daniel C. Vinson and N Mabe and Leah L Leonard and Joanna Alexander and JL Becker and J Boyer and Joy Moll},
  journal={Archives of family medicine},
  volume={4 6},
OBJECTIVE To determine whether and to what extent alcohol consumption increases the risk of injury. DESIGN The case-crossover study is a new research design for assessing rare acute events (such as trauma) in relation to intermittent exposures (such as alcohol use) that have transient effects. All interviewed patients serve as their own controls, and the study design compares exposure during a "case" period, such as the 6 hours prior to injury, with exposure during a "control" period, such as… CONTINUE READING

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