Alcohol and drug treatment for women: clinicians' beliefs and practice.

  title={Alcohol and drug treatment for women: clinicians' beliefs and practice.},
  author={Lois Cowan and Daryle E. A. Deering and Marie T Crowe and Doug Sellman and Ann Futterman-Collier and Simon Justin Adamson},
  journal={International journal of mental health nursing},
  volume={12 1},
The present paper reports on the results of a telephone survey of 217 alcohol and drug treatment clinicians on their beliefs and practice, in relation to service provision for women. Nurses comprised the second largest professional group surveyed. Seventy-eight percent of clinicians believed that women's treatment needs differed from men's and 74% reported a range of approaches and interventions, such as assisting with parenting issues and referral to women-only programmes. Several differences… CONTINUE READING