Alcohol and Domestic Violence

  title={Alcohol and Domestic Violence},
  author={Sarah Galvani},
  journal={Violence Against Women},
  pages={641 - 662}
  • S. Galvani
  • Published 1 July 2006
  • Medicine
  • Violence Against Women
Alcohol’s role in men’s violence to women is a controversial issue. In the United Kingdom, little research has been conducted on the link between the two, and no in-depth studies have sought the views of the women who suffer such violence. This article reports on in-depth research with 20 women that aimed to hear their views on the role of alcohol in men’s violence to them. The results of the research show that women do not blame alcohol for their partner’s violence; they hold the men, not… 
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The violence against the women is a global issue. The great part of the investigations demonstrates that there are differences in committing violence against the women which is due to unique cultural
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For some women, alcohol plays a central role in the cycle of violence, abuse and fear, and alcohol-related intimate partner violence should be the focus of further research, prevention and treatment.
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  • Sophie Yates
  • Political Science
    Policy Design and Practice
  • 2019
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The study provides valuable insight into the intersecting problems of alcohol and IPV, which independently and together signify an emergent public health problem that can have immense ramifications on mental health of individuals and families.
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This article reports a study of women victimized by intimate partner violence (IPV). We describe three interactional aspects of IPV: (1) responses and conduct before, during, and after IPV episodes,
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Background: Prominent among the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) is the determination to put an end to all forms of discrimination against women and girls. Unfortunately, domestic


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Theories about alcohol's role in stranger violence abound. Theories about alcohol's role in ‘domestic violence’1 do not. The targets of such violence differ as does the nature of the violence towards
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The relationship between substance abuse and the abuse of women by their partners is a complex one that needs to be better understood if women’s lives are to become both substance and violence-free.
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The relationship of alcohol to injury in assault cases.
  • S. E. Martin, R. Bachman
  • Medicine
    Recent developments in alcoholism : an official publication of the American Medical Society on Alcoholism, the Research Society on Alcoholism, and the National Council on Alcoholism
  • 1997
It is suggested that future directions for research based on the findings that alcohol's impact on both escalation and injury differed according to the victim-assailant relationship.
Domestic violence treatment referrals for men seeking alcohol treatment.
It is found that alcohol treatment providers infrequently referred men with a pretreatment year history of IPV to domestic violence treatment programs, and that men receiving such referrals rarely followed the recommendation and sought additional treatment.
Mediators of male violence toward female intimates
The purpose of this study was to compare perceived life stressors, alcohol usage, and perceived quality of the intimate relationship of a group of males who have abused their female intimate with a
Trauma Exposure and Alcohol Use in Battered Women
Both battering severity and childhoodSexual abuse were positively correlated with alcohol use and multiple regression analysis showed that childhood sexual abuse was the stronger predictor when collinearity was controlled.
Violence among individuals in substance abuse treatment: the role of alcohol and cocaine consumption.
The findings suggest that screening and intervention approaches for violence-related problems should be routine in SA treatment, and appear to be especially indicated for patients reporting alcohol consumption, and co-occurring alcohol and cocaine consumption.