Alcohol Withdrawal Craving Treatment with Low Dose of Buprenorphine: ANew Experience

  title={Alcohol Withdrawal Craving Treatment with Low Dose of Buprenorphine: ANew Experience},
  author={Jamshid Ahmadi},
  journal={Journal of psychiatry},
  • J. Ahmadi
  • Published 29 September 2016
  • Medicine
  • Journal of psychiatry
Background: Although alcohol use disorders and induced disorders are common in the world, however, only few medications, naltrexone, acamprosate, disulfiram, topiramate and baclofen are recommended for the reduction and cessation of alcohol withdrawal craving. Therefore it is required to develop new medications. Objective: To test the efficacy of low dose of buprenorphine on the reduction or cessation of alcohol withdrawal craving. Method: To evaluate the competence of four mg of buprenorphine… 
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Comparing the effect of buprenorphine and methadone in the reduction of methamphetamine craving: a randomized clinical trial
The results favor the efficacy and safety of buprenorphine as a short-term treatment for methamphetamine withdrawal craving and it is to be expected that craving declines over time without any medication.


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Buprenorphine is more effective than bupropion in the treatment of methamphetamine craving, and this case-study of an Iranian patient could represent the most innovative information.
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The electroconvulsive therapy can be a suitable option for the treatment of methamphetamine withdrawal delirium and craving and can be usefully employed in these very serious conditions which may represent a risk to life.
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The findings indicate that low dose of clonidine, tizanidine and ibuprofen (NSAID) is beneficial in the treatment of heroin dependency, and this finding is an important addition to the literature.
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To the knowledge, ECT could be an appropriate alternative in the treatment of severe methamphetamine psychosis, therefore this experience of an Iranian patient could add novel information to the literature.
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52 mg of buprenorphine is very valuable in the treatment of severe methamphetamine related anxiety and depression and also methamphetamine craving.
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