Alcohol: The teratogen

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Recording a history of alcohol use in pregnancy: an audit of knowledge, attitudes and practice at a child development service.
  • R. Mutch, J. Wray, C. Bower
  • Medicine
    Journal of population therapeutics and clinical pharmacology = Journal de la therapeutique des populations et de la pharamcologie clinique
  • 2012
There is a gap in clinical practice within this child development service (CDS) in asking and/or recording information about alcohol use in pregnancy.


Pregnancy in the sixth decade of life: obstetric outcomes in women of advanced reproductive age.
CONTEXT As a result of oocyte donation, women in their sixth decade of life are now able to conceive and carry pregnancies to term. However, little is known about pregnancy outcomes in this
Fetal Alcohol and Drug Effects
Most adverse effects of prenatal drug exposure are self-limited, with catch-up growth and resolution of withdrawal and of prior neurobehavioral abnormalities noted over time, compared with alcohol, which is linked to life-long impairments and possibly cigarette-related behavioral effects.
Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder.
Case Ms. L, a 32-year-old G5 P2 A2 (gravida 5, para 2, abortions 2) woman, is admitted to hospital because of premature rupture of membranes at an estimated 34 weeks of gestation. She has had only
Is there an incremental rise in the risk of obstetric intervention with increasing maternal age?
It is found that increasing maternal age increases the risk of operative delivery and whether such a trend is due to fetal or maternal factors is investigated.
Is there an incremental rise
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