Albumin binding to FcRn: distinct from the FcRn-IgG interaction.

  title={Albumin binding to FcRn: distinct from the FcRn-IgG interaction.},
  author={Chaity Chaudhury and Charles L. Brooks and Daniel H. Carter and J. Michael Robinson and Clark Anderson},
  volume={45 15},
The MHC-related Fc receptor for IgG (FcRn) protects albumin and IgG from degradation by binding both proteins with high affinity at low pH in the acid endosome and diverting both from a lysosomal pathway, returning them to the extracellular compartment. Immunoblotting and surface plasmon resonance studies show that both IgG and albumin bind noncooperatively to distinct sites on FcRn, that the affinity of FcRn for albumin decreases approximately 200-fold from acidic to neutral pH, and that the… CONTINUE READING

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