Albert Pierrepoint and the cultural persona of the twentieth-century hangman

  title={Albert Pierrepoint and the cultural persona of the twentieth-century hangman},
  author={Lizzie Seal},
  journal={Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal},
  pages={100 - 83}
  • L. Seal
  • Published 1 April 2016
  • Sociology
  • Crime, Media, Culture: An International Journal
Albert Pierrepoint was Britain’s most famous 20th-century hangman. This article utilises diverse sources in order to chart his public representation, or cultural persona, as hangman from his rise to prominence in the mid-1940s to his portrayal in the biopic Pierrepoint (2005). It argues that Pierrepoint exercised agency in shaping this persona through publishing his autobiography and engagement with the media, although there were also representations that he did not influence. In particular, it… 
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