Albert Jan Kluyver, 1888-1956

  title={Albert Jan Kluyver, 1888-1956},
  author={Donald Devereux Woods},
  journal={Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society},
  pages={109 - 128}
  • D. D. Woods
  • Published 1 November 1957
  • Biology
  • Biographical Memoirs of Fellows of the Royal Society
Albert Jan Kluyyer was elected a Foreign Member of the Royal Society in 1952. Later in the same year he delivered the third Leeuwenhoek Lecture on ‘The changing appraisal of the microbe' and only a year afterwards he was awarded the Copley Medal of the Society. This rapid succession of honours sufficiently emphasizes the esteem in which he had come to be held by microbiologists and biochemists in this country. He had more than maintained the unique position in general microbiology established… 
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Remembering Our Forebears: Albert Jan Kluyver and the Unity of Life
This essay argues that in contrast the careful characterization of fundamental microbial metabolism and physiology by Kluyver made many of the advances of the latter part of the twentieth century possible, by offering a framework which in many respects anticipated the current view of phylogeny.
Physicochemical Biology and Knowledge Transfer: The Study of the Mechanism of Photosynthesis Between the Two World Wars
Through the use of four historical cases, this paper analyzes knowledge transfers from microbiology and human biochemistry to plant metabolism, as well as the investigative pathways that made them possible.
Yeasts in Cacti and Tropical Fruit
Yeast communities associated with necrotic tissues of cacti and ripe tropical fruits are excellent models for studying the ecology and evolution of these fungi and represent rich sources for the discovery of new yeast species.
From miso, saké and shoyu to cosmetics: a century of science for kojic acid.
The curious history of kojic acid is reviewed, which was one of the first secondary metabolites to have its biosynthetic pathway studied by the isotope tracer technique, and has been of interest as a skin lightening agent.


Kluyver als leermeester
  • Chem. Weekbl
  • 1888
Kluyver als leerling, als jeugdig bioloog en als collega
  • Kluyver. Chem. Weekbl
  • 1939