Albert Einstein, 1879-1955

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Albert Einstein was born on 14 March 1879, at Ulm in Wurttemberg, Germany, the son of Hermann Einstein and his wife, Pauline, née Koch. Hermann Einstein was in partnership with his brother, an engineer, in a small factory producing electrical supplies. From an autobiographical fragment* we learn that the Einstein parents were Jewish, but non-observant of their religion; at a very early age the boy’s religious nature became dissatisfied with the spiritual emptiness of his surroundings: seeking… 
The Collective Construction of Scientific Memory: The Einstein-Poincaré Connection and its Discontents, 1905–2005
One of the side effects of commemorations is often to reactivate old debates that had been forgotten or were lying dormant. While this is obvious for political commemorations, it is no less true of
How Einstein Did Not Discover
What powered Einstein’s discoveries? Was it asking naïve questions, stubbornly? Was it a mischievous urge to break rules? Was it the destructive power of operational thinking? It was none of these.
Vorwort Albert Einsteins grundlegende Arbeiten zur Relativitätstheorie
Unter der ungewohnlich grosen Anzahl hervorragender Gelehrter und Naturwissenschaftler, die das 20. Jahrhundert in seinem Verlaufe hervorgebracht hat, nimmt Albert Einstein weiterhin eine
How supernovae became the basis of observational cosmology
This paper is dedicated to the discovery of one of the most important relationships in supernova cosmology - the relation between the peak luminosity of Type Ia supernovae and their luminosity
Child Prodigy in Astronomy: A Biographical Study from the Sudan
Although many studies have been conducted in the West regarding child prodigies, no such studies have taken place in indigenous Arab cultures - particularly not in Sudan. The present study attempts
Anomalies Generated by Contemporary Physics
Today, when we humans inquire into the effects of science and technology on humans and human society, we find one question that ovemdes all others: How does it come to pass that when we generate and
From Railroad Time to Space-Time
In a brilliant piece of historical sleuthing Peter Galison placed Einstein’s 1905 analysis of the simultaneity of time in its cultural context. In particular, he showed how Einstein’s work at the
An introduction to information theory and entropy
information theory and entropy Tom Carter http:// ogs. tom/information Complex Systems Summer S hool June, 2000 1 Our general topi s: } Measuring omplexity } Some probability ba kground
A Semantic Graph Model for Text Representation and Matching in Document Mining
A formal semantic representation of linguistic inputs is introduced and utilized to build a semantic representation scheme for documents, and a new distance measure is developed to determine the similarities between contents of documents.
Ecophysiological and molecular characterization of estuarine microbial mats
The application of the Signature Lipid Biomarker approach in microbial mat samples has proved to be an effective method to obtain information about physiology and composition of natural microbial assemblages and the importance of the heterotrophic bacteria in the regulation of metabolic processes in the photic zone.


A Brief Outline of the Development of the Theory of Relativity
Abstract[Translated by Dr. Robert W. Lawson.] THERE is something attractive in presenting the evolution of a sequence of ideas in as brief a form as possible, and yet with a completeness sufficient
Zum Quantensatz von Sommerfeld und Epstein
(Sommerfeld e Debye). Nessa equação a integral deve ser estendida por um peŕıodo completo do movimento, q é a coordenada e p a coordenada correspondente ao impulso do sistema. Além disso, os
Déduction thermodynamique de la loi de l'équivalence photochimique
HAL is a multi-disciplinary open access archive for the deposit and dissemination of scientific research documents, whether they are published or not. The documents may come from teaching and
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